Rising demand for using technology to get real-time information to our customers and employees has led to the launch of our cutting-edge operating system. It includes our Customer Portal. Clients can view real-time schedules, project completion dates, review accounts and create service requests. Crews enter data from the field and that data is backed up by GPS units on all of our vehicles. There is no more guessing about when work was completed and clients are empowered to be as involved as they choose to be.


Our level of success and preparedness is a direct result of 25+ years in the industry. The service our clients receive is a formula based on strategy, planning, and preparation.

Every Snow Storm is a battle, and 90% of it is won before the first snowflake falls.


We assess your property's needs and prepare our crews long before the snow starts to fall.


  • A client care specialist meets with you at your property to determine your needs. We assess your property's condition, take measurements, and note any existing damage.
  • After the pre-season walk-through, we provide a pre-season report documenting any existing damage on the property and include a property map detailing priority areas and push points.
  • An area manager meets with our production staff at your location to conduct on-site instruction. This ensures that we do not miss any important areas during a storm. Snow response plans are completed and include your input. Specific action plans are created to provide the best service at your property.


  • Communication is crucial. Our 24/7 client support and field reporting allows you to rest easy during a storm. This means that during the event, decisions are based on proven, reliable weather forecasts. After the event, clear evidence for why those decisions were made can be provided giving our clients peace of mind.


  • When a weather event is imminent, your account manager will send a Weather Event Update providing an overview of the plan for the storm and important contact information. Many of our clients forward this data to stakeholders, including managers, facility engineers, and tenants. The Weather Event Update is sent out both before and during events on a regular basis.
  • Reliable weather prediction tools, with customizable radar overlay and hourly wind, precipitation, and pavement forecasting, allows for sound decision-making during winter storms.
  • After a storm, information is available regarding decisions made during the event, assuring clients their resources are being used properly.



  • When the snow season has ended, an account manager meets with property managers for a walk-through of your premises. We take photos and document any damage on the property.
  • We provide a post-season report documenting any new damage on the property and a winter services spend summary to aid in ongoing budgeting.
  • All repairs will be completed by a mutually agreed upon date.
  • The account manager requests property manager to complete a short survey so we can continue to drive improvements season after season.
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